Pipe Chanter ReedsDrone Reeds
Chesney Chanter Reeds
chesneyreeds Made using only the finest quality cane available, all reeds are individually balanced and tested by David Chesney’s experienced craftsmen, who have over 30 years knowledge in the art of reed making, to ensure the highest possible standards are achieved. Our reeds have been used by bands, from Grade 1 to Juvenile, to win over 100 World Championships in the last 20 years. They are currently being played by World Champions FIELD MARSHAL MONTGOMERY Pipe Band, ST LAURENCE o’TOOLE Pipe Band and SHOTTS and DYKEHEAD CALEDONIA Pipe Band.
Henderson Chanter Reeds
hendersonchanterreeds Made by Murray Henderson
Maclellan Chanter Reeds
maclellan MacLellan reeds are designed and manufactured to be the freest, most vibrant reeds in the world. The individual attention and custom finish of each reed ensures that optimum pitch and trueness of tone are achieved without protracted blowing in periods and only a short session of adjustment is needed to set up a true and rich tone from your bagpipe.
Shepherd and Sons Chanter Reeds
reed_r01 The superior production methods and strict quality control at each stage of manufacture (10 stages in total) ensure that the length of the Shepherd reed remains constant in relation to its other variables. The end result – a unique reed produced and finished by a combination of dedicated craftsmen and advanced machinery techniques and providing greater efficiency, easy adjustment for weaker blowers and easy adjustment to raise pitch.
This consistency makes it easier to manipulate the reed for the required strength and still maintained its desired consistency of pitch and vibrancy.Available in standard cut and ridge cut.
Canning Drone Reeds
canning Based in Glasgow, Canning Reedmakers are the producers of Canning Synthetic Drone Reeds. Designed and developed by Ryan Canning, formerly a piper with the world famous Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Band, and now Pipe Major of Shotts and Dykehead Caledonia Pipe Band, these reeds will delight pipers at all levels. Our knowledge, precision, and the incessant pursuit of quality have lead to the proud creation of this line of bagpipe reeds, which we feel meet the much needed demand for product excellence within the piping community.
Eezeedrone Drone Reeds
ezeedrone The names Ezeedrone and EzeePC have become synonymous with excellence in the piping world, and we pride ourselves in the exceptionally high quality levels which we maintain in our manufacturing processes.
Henderson Drone Reeds
henderson-reeds Made, tried and tested by Murray Henderson.
Extreme Drone Reeds
Extreme reeds1Extreme reeds Designed by Gold Medalist and Pipe Major of the Scottish Power Pipe Band, Chris Armstrong, X-TREME Drone Reeds are precision engineered to exacting standards and the design profiles a carbon fibre tongue which will give you a tailored, stable and rich tone. The Premium version comes with the added benefit of being moisture resistant.