MacTalla retain the title at Toti, Knysna take Grade 3

MacTalla retain the title at Toti, Knysna take Grade 3

The first major championship of the South African season took place on Saturday 30th April 2016 in the beach town of Amazimtoti on the South Coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Rain fell throughout the day, making it a difficult day for all who were expecting the usual South African sunshine.

Benoni MacTalla, were able to retain their title by winning the MSR and placing 2nd in the medley, missing the clean sweep on ensemble preference. MacTalla won best bass section and the Transvaal Scottish won the best drum corps.

The Grade 2 results were as follows:

MSR (3 bands competed)

1st Benoni MacTalla (1,1,1,3)

2nd Tranvaal Scottish Grade 2 (2,2,2,1)

3rd 1 Medical Battalion (3,3,3,2)

Judges: Roy Blevins, Damien Pitman (Piping), Bob Worrall (Ensemble), Steve Hall (Drumming)

Medley (3 bands competed)

1st Tranvaal Scottish Grade 2 (2,2,1,2)

2nd Benoni MacTalla (1,1,2,3)

3rd 1 Medical Battalion (3,3,3,1)

Judges: Roger Davies, Sean Maher (Piping), Bob Worrall (Ensemble), Kevi Levin (Drumming)

Grade 3 results:

Knysna and Districts were able to come on top as the Overall Grade 3 winners.


1st Chamberlain Richmond and Sandton

2nd Knysna and Districts

3rd Glen Allen (Best Drum Corps)


1st Knysna and districts (ensemble pref)

2nd Glen Allen (Best Drum Corps)

3rd Chamberlain Richmond and Sandton