Chesney Chanter
chesney This Chanter has been used to win over 100 World Championships, from Grade 1 to Juvenile, in the last 20 years. Currently being played by the 2010 WORLD CHAMPIONS ST LAURENCE OTOOLE PIPE BAND.
Shepherd and Sons Chanter
shepherd The Shepherd Synthetic Chanter, continual championship winners since 1983. The C/1 Model comes without sole.
McCallum Chanter
McCallumPipeChanters_46468 Plastic or Blackwood McCallum Pipe ChanterWillie McCallum’s McC2 Plastic or Blackwood Pipe Chanter

Chanter soles can be added on request

Strathmore Chanter
strathmore The Strathmore pipe chanter was designed by Murray Henderson, and it has been played by Murray and other top pipers to win many prestigious awards in solo competitions in Scotland and throughout the world.
Wallace Chanter
wallace Designed and developed by Craig Munro, Shotts and Dykehead Caledonia and St Laurence O’Toole Pipe Band. Our pipe chanter, available in Plastic or African Blackwood, offers exceptional value combined with engineered attributes, musical strength and volume. Manufactured to within 0.005″ each and every pipe chanter will satisfy the consistency requirements of any band or individual.
Henderson Chanter
henderson Designed by Alastair Dunn, Double Gold Medalist and Pipe Sergent of seven-time World Champions Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Band. This chanter has been proven to deliver a winning sound for soloists. The holes are carefully sanded to give the feel of a vintage chanter before under going a rigorous polishing process. The chanter produces a rich resonant tone that will provide superb harmonics with any set of drones.
Hardie Chanter
hardie The Hardie chanter was the most popular choice for pipers and pipe bands worldwide during the 1970’s winning numerous world championships. The chanter has been redesigned and brought up to today’s high standards and is sure to be a winning chanter. Available in plastic only.